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Skullee-Wagz™ Scroll

Skullee-Wagz™ Scroll

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Scrolls of the Skullee-Wagz™ backstories are printed on a cotton watercolor cardstock approximately 4x6 in size. Rolled and tied with string for an old world feel. 


Lore of the Skullee-Wagz™......


Skullee-Wagz™ - Mischievous Trickters of the Enchanted Forest
In the enchanted forest, dwells a whimsical species known throughout the realm for their playful antics and clever pranks. These tiny, skull faced tricksters blend into their natural surroundings, making it easy for them to move unseen amongst the dense overgrowth of the forest.

Skullee-Wagz™ are mischievous creatures. Their pranks often vary from harmless jests of creating playful patterns with mushrooms, to more elaborate antics, such as leading travelers astray along abandoned forest paths. In the home, these tricksters have been known to rearrange household items, hiding valuables, and even causing mild electrical disruptions.

To keep Skullee-Wagz™ from wreaking havoc, they are lured into special jars, enchanted with the only magic capable of keeping them contained . It is important to remember that these are creatures of the supernatural realm, and their antics should be embraced with caution and a sense of wonder, However, they should never be released from their jars. Otherwise, no one knows what kind of chaos these little imps may truly cause!
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  • Sculptures are NOT TOYS. Display Only.
  • CHOKING HAZARD. Due to the fragile nature of my sculptures, Wicked Winglings® are not intended for young children.
  • Do not pick up by wings, tails or other small pieces. Pick up by base only.
  • Sculptures are not mass produced. Each one is made by hand. Imperfections in finish are possible.
  • Due to lighting and settings on your screen, actual colors may vary from those pictured.
  • Due to closeup pictures, sculptures may appear larger than actual size. Approximate measurements are provided for reference.
  • Props are not included.