Hello to all my fellow dragon lovers! My name is Elizabeth, and I am a mixed media artist creating wickedly cute sculptures and more. I work mainly with polymer clay, but I also love to incorporate other materials into my creations. 

My love affair with polymer clay began at the end of 2014, when I made Christmas gifts for my family. After playing around with leftover clay, I "hatched" my very first dragon in January 2015. I didn't actually start sculpting full time until 2017, when I officially opened Wicked Winglings®.

Along with being an artist, I am also a certified Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, as well as a Reiki Master. I love working with these spiritual energies and working them into many of my designs. 

I now get to share my fun and whimsical creations directly to you through my shop, social media and the many festivals that I attend each year. Check out my events calendar to find out where you can see my Winglings in person, because pictures do not do them justice! 


Fun reasons to adopt a Wicked Winglings®


Ok, let's get this one out of the way.... They're just too cute! In fact they are Wickedly Cute!!


Those faces!! This is actually the #1 listed feature as a fan favorite!


Their personalities! With such cute faces comes so many personalities including happy, sad, grumpy and many more!


They match YOUR personality! If you love to wear pink and purple, there just may be a pink and purple dragon waiting for you!


My dragons are customizable! Is your personality so much fun that you like to wear pink and purple with a green polka dot tutu? That's AWESOME!! I can create your very own pink and purple dragon wearing its own polka dot tutu! Now you're twinsies!!


Do you enjoy things that bring back nostalgia and remind you of your favorite childhood toys? People have often called my sculptures the "My Little Ponies" or "Pokemon" of dragons!


They are great collectibles! You enjoy showing off your Funko Pops. My Winglings are just as fun to collect and to show off to all your friends! Don't you want to collect them all?


They are addicting! Like Lays potato chips, you cannot adopt just one!


They are one of a kind! If you see one you love, it's very unlikely I will ever be able to create another just like it. Yes I can sculpt a similar one in the same colors, in the same pose but the face and personality are just never the same!


They make you smile! How great would it feel to come home to your little Wingling and forget the day for a moment, because they just lift your spirits when you see them?


My tattered wings are my signature and you won't find them from any other artist!


And one more reason to adopt a Wicked Winglings®.... they have a message just for you! Pay attention to the emotions or feelings that rushes over you the moment you see the perfect one! It just may be meant for only you!