The Building of a Castle

Posted by Elizabeth Mattingly on

I found this wooden castle dollhouse at Michaels, and thought it would be a really cool way to display my dragons at festivals and fairs. 

I will be using a few techniques that I learned from my best friend Neisha's Dream Castles. 


I started by adding a cobblestone floor,


Phase two.... exterior stonework.

It's looking really good so far!


Now it's time to paint....


Next I worked on the drawbridge. 


It's really starting to come together now!


Now it's time to frame the door and windows.


Here they are painted to match.


But here's the really cool addition! Loving these windows now!!


The castle dollhouse has really evolved since the beginning!


 Almost done...just need to add a few final details!!


  • I love this idea! How precious, thoughtful and fun!!
    I don’t know if you remember but, you made me a green and orange mother and daughter dragons! They sit at my bedside, every night I look at them before bed. I want to thank you again! 😊

    Linda A Morris on

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