Eco Friendly Packaging

🌍 Did You Know? 🌍


♻️ I use products that are either recycled, made from recycled materials, or are biodegradable, like cardboard boxes. 


♻️ I no longer use the synthetic polyfil, that's used to stuff pillows and animals. I am now using this awesome fiberfill made from corn!!! I surround my sculptures in a "cloud of fluff" to protect them. I do understand that the fibers can be a little annoying to remove from their wings and other small pieces, but it really is the best way I have found to pad them safely for shipping. The fibers really hold together, to protect the sculpture nicely.




♻️ I then wrap each one in tissue paper, to keep the fiberfill in place, so it doesn't loosen during shipping. The tissue paper is compostable.





♻️ I shred my own kraft paper from a 4 foot roll. It's much cheaper than buying pre-shredded paper, which helps to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Plus it eliminates all the extra plastic bags from the pre shredded paper.






♻️ Once packed nice and snug in the box, I use kraft paper tape to securely seal the box closed. It is also biodegradable and recyclable.



♻️ On the limited occasions that I need to use bubble wrap, especially with larger dragons like my Elders, I use this biodegradable bubblewrap. It is supposed to break down with sun and moisture, but I have also read that it can be recycled with your grocery store bags. I am also testing out a cardboard alternative to replace the bubble wrap all together in the future. 



♻️ It's not perfect, but with all of these steps and changes that I have made, I feel I can confidently say that I'm doing my part to help!

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