Handle With Care

My Winglings are made from polymer clay, which is normally a weather resistant material. However, the technique and materials used to create my dragon wings are more delicate than clay. So it is recommended that you keep your new Winglings inside and away from wet areas like bathrooms or water fountains.  

Please remember that polymer clay sculptures are fragile and should be kept away from young children and pets. They make great guardians and love watching over you from shelves out of reach from little hands and paws. 

If your new Wingling becomes dusty, gently brush them with a soft bristle paint or makeup brush. If needed you can wipe them down gently with a slightly damp cloth using water only. Chemical cleaners may etch through or remove the clear coat that has been applied to their finish.

If you accidently remove or break a small part like a horn, it can usually be reattached with super glue. Do not apply too much, because excess glue can cause a white splotchy appearance. If there is significant damage to your sculpture, I may be able to fix it for you, just send me a message with pictures to see if a repair is possible. You will be responsible for the shipping to me for repair, as well as the shipping to send it back to you.