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Kemu - Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Dragon on Trinket Box - Dice Not Included

Wicked Winglings

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Keep your dice or other treasures safe in this protected trinket box. Sculpture is lovingly handcrafted from polymer clay and finished with a gloss clear coat. Size including box is approximately 4 inches wide, 2 1/4 inches deep and 3 1/4 inches high. Includes an artist signed adoption certificate of authenticity.* DICE SET NOT INCLUDED - SOLD SEPARATELY  * 

* Polymer Clay is fragile.
* Do not pick up by wings, tails or any other small pieces. ALWAYS pick up by the base of the body.
* Wings are sculpted separately, then attached to the body.
* Due to the fragile nature of my sculptures, Wicked Winglings are not toys and are not intended for young children.
* I choose photos that best represent the color of this sculpture. However, actual colors may vary slightly than pictured due to lighting, and the settings on your screen or monitor.
* Sculptures are not mass produced. Each one is made by hand. Imperfections in clay are possible.
* Props are not included.