Price Guide

Pricing is based on the size of the sculpture, the details and the time it takes to make. The prices shown below are the starting prices for basic dragons. Any extra details or items like crystals, eggs, embellishments, pets etc. are add ons and will cost extra.

* Specialty sculptures like cosplay dragons, mythicals, hybrids and others, will have their own specific pricing depending on time and detail.

* Elder Dragons are my largest sculptures, usually measuring 4-6" in body length with a wing span around 8". Elders start at $135.00


* Youngling Dragons (my regular sized dragons) usually measure between 3-4" and start at $50.00.


* Mini Dragons are wee little ones. They usually measure around 2-3" and start at $35.00.


* Mermaid Dragons have scales going up their tails. They usually measure 4-5" and start at $65.00.


* Sea Dragons only have scales on their underbellies. They usually measure 3-5" and start at $55.00 without a shell. Ones with shells will vary depending on the actual shell.


* Mini Sea Dragons are the smallest of all. They usually measure 1-2" and always come in a shell.



* Customs will be priced again depending on detail and time it will take to make. You can message me with what you'd like, and I will give you a quote. Or you can give me your budget, and I will help design a dragon around that price.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to help!