Winter Storm Warning - Shipping Delays Possible

Winter Storm Warning - Potential Shipping Delays

Posted by Elizabeth Mattingly on

I am in a Winter Storm Warning area. I am located in the red 9-11" band of potential snow accumulation through Tuesday night, which may impact shipping and delivery timeframes. At this time there is a second larger system expected to come through by Thursday night. Current models are forecasting potentially over 20 inches of snow for our area.
My current processing time for orders is 1-3 business days. However, I live in the country and our back roads do not get cleared as quickly as the main roads. So there will be the possibility that it may take me longer to get to the post office than usual.
My other concern is a potential power outage. We had around 1/2" of ice a few days ago, and a lot of that ice is still clinging to the trees and power lines. With the weight of the additional snow and ice, it is a possibility that branches and lines may come down.
I can get a weak enough cell signal to make an announcement if I do lose power, but I will not be able to print paperwork for orders. So I will pack orders as quickly as I receive them, to hopefully be ahead of the game in case the power does go out.
With that being stated, here is how my website updates your orders. My site is connected to the shipping service that I use, so it's easier to import your shipping information to that platform. Once I purchase a shipping label it automatically marks your order as shipped. Depending on the time of day that I pack your order, I then will take your package to the post office later that day or by the next morning.
With this potential winter storm delay, you may receive an automatic email saying that your order is on it's way, but your package may not actually make it to the post office for a few more days. I will do my best to post updates about when I am able to get them dropped off at the post office. Scheduling picks ups is not really an option either, if I can't get out of my driveway or road, then the postal driver won't be able to get in.
Please be patient, I will keep everyone updated as best I can. Thank you for understanding.


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