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Posted by Elizabeth Mattingly on

I would like to take a moment to address an issue that may be on your mind. At least it is on mine. As I am sure you are all aware by now, there have been shipping delays caused by the virus. I started noticing significant delays early this summer.

Many post offices are short staffed, especially the main distribution center in Louisville, Ky. With the increase of restrictions, as well as the busy holiday season, shipping delays are only getting worse. I have seen pictures of semi trucks lined up, sometimes waiting days, to drop off their mail deliveries.
There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the order in which packages are being processed and delivered. I have seen first class packages arrive halfway across the country in two days, and priority mail packages take two weeks to travel just FIVE hours away from me. It really makes no sense!
I am monitoring each and every one of your orders. I am checking tracking statuses every two days for updates. If I have noticed that there has been no update within a certain time period, I will sign up for alerts and I will speak to the main lady at my local post office. She has been very helpful with helping me locate packages in the past.
With that being said, here are things I am noticing with recent shipments. Yes, your tracking may show that your package has arrived at the Louisville distribution center, but it is not showing that it has left that facility. This is not necessarily the case. I have seen some packages "sitting" for a few days, then suddenly arrive at your local post office or distribution center without any other updates in between. This has actually happened three times so far this week. These facilities are working so hard to get these packages out so fast, that the tracking system is overwhelmed and packages are just not getting scanned properly until they arrive at the next location.
I know this can be very frustrating, especially if you are waiting on gifts. Please be patient, I want you to receive your orders just as much as you do! Your package may be late, but it is on its way!! The post office will not consider it lost unless there has been no tracking updates within the last 15 days 🙁
Just in case the delays take much longer than anticipated, I am designing a downloadable letter that you can print out and place in a card or envelope, so you won't be empty handed. I know it's not the same as a physical item, but at least your loved ones will know they have something cool and exciting flying their way!!

Please know that I am staying on top of this the best I can and I will reach out if further action is needed!. Thank you for understanding!!


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