Monday Meeting 2-7-2022

Posted by Elizabeth Mattingly on

Happy Monday everyone!! This will be a short meeting today, so let's get started...


* Thankfully we did not get nearly as bad of an ice storm as predicted. We did receive about 1/4 inch of ice overall. We did lose power for awhile, but fortunately it was not out for several days like it was several years ago. 


* I am packing orders today that I received over the weekend. I have also sent out the invoices for the Winglings that were claimed during the Facebook sales events. I will pack those little guys as soon as they are paid.


* I have two more auctions coming up for The Technicolor Auction House and Death_n_Donuts on Instagram this weekend. More information is available in my calendar. 


* My next shop update is scheduled for Monday February 28th. Not sure yet if it will be themed or not. 


That's it for today. I have orders to pack and commissions to complete. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Cheers my friends!!


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