Monday-ish Meeting 1-25-2022

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Okay, I'm a day late on this week's Monday meeting. Had a sickening migraine that kept me in bed most of the day. I'm a bit behind, so let's get this party started....


* Commissions are now open! I am reaching out to those on my waiting list first before opening new spots.


* I am still working on my Patreon. I keep putting it off, so trying to make myself more accountable by keeping it on my to-do-list. There will be a lot of member only content coming soon. 


* I shared "then" and "now" sculptures a couple weeks ago, showcasing my very first dragon and my most recent (at that time). I have another similar reveal coming soon. This reveal will also include the new direction I mentioned in last week's meeting. Here's a glimpse of the "then" dragon that I sculpted at the end of 2015. I will post the new dragon in a few days. 


* I have joined several sales and auction groups on both Facebook and Instagram. The reason I am participating in these groups is because I want the additional exposure. My art is my only source of income, so the more people that find and buy my dragons, the more I am able to support my family. I also enjoy the challenge of sculpting items to match the themes. 


* Here are my upcoming sales/auctions. More information will be available in my calendar at


*** Valentine's Day Auction at The Technicolor Auction House on Instagram. Auction starts 1/28 at 7pm est. 


*** We Heart The 90's at the Geekorium's Handcrafted Emporium on Facebook. Sale starts on 2/4 at 8pm est. 


*** February Freestyle at Handmade Haven on Facebook. Sale starts 2/5 at 12pm est.


*** Goth and Geek Freestyle at Death_n_Donuts on Instagram. Auction starts 2/11 at 7pm est. 


* And finally... my next shop update is Monday 1/31 at 6pm est. It is Anti-Valentine's theme, for those that are enjoying the single life. Check out some of the peeks I've shared so far on Facebook at


That's it for this week. I have lots to do! Can't wait to start sharing the first of the sneak peeks. Hope you all have a great week! Cheers!!


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