Intention Dragons Are Coming To The Lair!

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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I had felt drawn to changing directions with my dragon sculptures. This change is something I have had in mind for quite a while. In fact, I sculpted my very first "intention" dragon back in 2015. 



Here is how I originally described this new direction with my dragons on December 2, 2015......

 "Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be moving in a new direction with my dragon sculptures. I had been told that there are messages in my dragons, and the person each one was meant for, would find their new companion and would understand that message, even if I didn't. I have decided to take my love of crystals and energy healing, and incorporate them into my sculpting. So this is a SNEAK PEEK of what I will be offering after the beginning of the year....

Introducing Cvren, I created her in Red, which stimulates passion and strength. She is accented in Gold, which stimulates success and abundance. She holds a clear crystal quartz, and her spikes are also crystal quartz, which many call the "Master Healer". Crystal quartz is believed to clear negativity and is intended to amplify the energies of the red and gold. She will assist me with continued passion and success. allowing me to bring these healing beauties into your life!"


Unfortunately due to health complications, I stopped sculpting shortly after posting this announcement and pushed this idea to the side.


I felt the call to pursue this direction with my dragons again towards the end of 2020. I started thinking about the process of how I incorporate Reiki energies into my sculptures. I also researched ways to blend herbs into the raw clay itself. After some experimenting, I finally found a technique that "felt" right. I sculpted my first Intention Dragon last January. Sadly, at that time I was feeling overwhelmed from the recent holiday rush, so I did not finish this little sculpture. In fact, it sat unbaked in my cabinet for months. 


After a year of sitting blended in raw clay, I was happy to discover that the herbs held up very well. I finally finished this new version of Cvren. I used the same red color for passion, and the same gold color for success and abundance. I chose to use a citrine crystal, which is said to enhance manifesting and wealth. The clay is blended with my own mixture of herbs intended for healing. Once baked, I infused this little sculpture with a powerful Dragon Reiki. 


After seeing, and feeling the amazing energy, of this new intention dragon, I just had to sculpt another one! I wanted the colors, herbs, and crystal that I chose for this new dragon to be connected with the energies of the new year. The Dragon Reiki infused in this little one is so INTENSE! Her energy and personality are indescribable. She almost glows in her pictures. I am crazy about her!   



As of the moment, neither one has revealed their names to me. I do believe that they may only allow me to know when the time is right, so I may reveal it to the person that becomes their new guardian. I will learn more as I spend time in meditation with them. 


So this is where I am currently. I am trying to decide how to incorporate my new dragons into my business. I love my whimsical Winglings, but I can no longer turn my back on my spiritual gifts. So I need to spend the next few weeks trying to find a balance between the two. I just don't know what that means yet. I would love to know what you think about this new direction or if you have any suggestions.


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